Real-time video solutions are solving security problems

A city department store was under siege from a well-known gang of thieves who were eluding security teams. While one gang member created a distraction by chatting up sales personnel, the other members stole goods from the shelves. Their solution: The store installed a new video camera system that has autofocus and zoom functions.

Security staff can now identify the shoplifters when they first enter the store and put pressure on them to leave—alleviating the problem at its source and saving thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Creating and installing a comprehensive video surveillance system can be complex, video surveillance can help companies comply with safety policies, protect their assets and keep their employees and customers safe.

Manage video surveillance from your smartphone

Mobile surveillance has played a key role in the development of Internet Protocol cameras, (IP camera). Unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, IP cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet.

Surveillance videos can be integrated into your computer networking system, and you can access your camera feed from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. All from your smartphone. Internet security cameras are now the preferred surveillance solution among businesses and homeowners. 

Additional benefits to monitoring internal operations with video surveillance

  • Employee safety. In many work environments, particularly those where employees are using heavy equipment, employee safety is an important concern. Security cameras can help ensure that safety policies are being enforced. Monitoring the workplace enables management to control employee safety and hazards that may be a threat to employees. OSHA’s recommendations help mitigate potential workplace hazards and help avoid workplace accidents and maintain employee safety.

  • Perimeter security. High-value business assets are at risk via entrances and exits of buildings, parking lots or parking garages; and many businesses are at risk when it comes to their outdoor perimeter security. There is also a risk to the safety of their employees.

Working with Visioneers Security for enhanced surveillance

  • We evaluate your business or home and make recommendations for camera positioning.

  • We can design a wireless network and plan transceiver locations and evaluate strategic locations for cabling for your video-surveillance system.

  • We can also help determine how much storage is needed and make recommendations for video-management solutions.

  • IP-based solutions accessible from your smartphone

  • IP-based security solutions support the ability to manage all facilities and remote sites from a single computer or your smartphone--anytime, anywhere.

  • An IP-based control environment supports centralized administration which provides flexibility, programmability and reduced complexity.

  • The integration of security building management and IT systems increases ROI and streamlines access for users.