Ask those who’ve had their homes broken into and their belongings stolen. There’s one overarching issue that transcends cost and inconvenience. It’s that creepy feeling of knowing that someone broke into your home and rummaged through your belongings, perhaps picking through your jewelry or clothing, stealing the high-ticket items. It’s an unsettling feeling that takes a long time to go away.

Many ways to signal thieves that your home is open

While homeowners have a wide range of needs, they all share a common goal--seeking assurance that their homes, families and pets are secure--even when they’re not at home. 

A typical robbery takes about 15 minutes, and the middle of the day is an ideal time for someone to enter your home--the kids are at school and adults are at work. A thief can easily open your unlocked garage door with a bent hanger to pull on the emergency lever. Another bad habit is leaving your car door unlocked with your garage door opener visible on the visor. And who, really, bothers to lock second-story windows?

Few people think about their trash and recycling containers sitting out on the street for more than a few hours as an incentive for thieves, but don’t put the trashcans out on Friday for pickup on Monday if you’ll be gone for the weekend! Leaving a single light on for an extended time tells every potential thief that you’re away from home.

High-resolution technology has turned cameras into valuable crime-fighting tools

The ability to digitally zoom into select areas of camera views without losing resolution quality has dramatically increased camera security systems’ value. High-resolution mega-pixel cameras and network video recorders now have the ability to recognize faces and license plate numbers. Cameras used to be a deterrent to crime, but they’ve evolved to become a valuable tool in apprehending criminals.  

Security systems vary widely in terms of deliverables and customer service

Today’s home security systems feature a range of packages at different price points. They can start with monitored door and window sensors and extend to a comprehensive home security automation system with security cameras and video monitoring. Many homeowners are installing control systems that automate lights, door locks, security cameras--pretty much anything under the roof—all managed from their smartphones.