Reception Kiosks

Upgrading your visitor sign-in process with a sleek iPad makes a great first impression and sets the tone for the entire customer experience. But this is more than a slick, efficient upgrade; capturing contact information into a database is an important part of your security system.

  • Visitor alerts. Instant notifications will alert your team when their visitors arrive. The system also alerts security personnel when unwanted visitors attempt to enter your building.

  • Real-time monitoring. Guest details are stored digitally in the visitor log, which is easy to reference in an evacuation or emergency.

  • Creating important data logs. In the event of a security breach, visitor logs will reveal who was on site and which legal documents they signed.

  • Package delivery. Kiosks can also manage package delivery, taking a picture of mailing details and alerting the recipient of its arrival.

Conference room scheduling

As many companies move to open workspaces, the need for tech-savvy conference, breakout and huddle rooms has become an important part of the office environment. It’s also created a need for automated conference room scheduling applications. While they can be accessed on the wall outside each room, they can also be accessed from an application--anywhere, anytime.

Conference room video display from any device

When much of today’s workforce is traveling or working remotely, conference rooms need to be equipped with technology that will seamlessly enable everyone, anywhere to share, present, collaborate and discuss as if they were all in the same room. Conference rooms need multiple screens, bidirectional content sharing, exceptional call quality, high-definition cameras and smart automatic reduction of background noise.

Video conferencing

We’ve all been in video conferencing sessions where we wasted the first 15 minutes trying to get everyone connected. We’re left wanting better technology solutions that seamlessly enable teams to talk, share files and screens and whiteboard ideas. A reliable, seamless video conferencing solution needs to be integrated into the existing network infrastructure.

As with all of Visioneers’ Security implementations, the best time to begin planning for new conference room, reception area and video enhancements is in the initial planning stages. While we can retrofit existing buildings, it’s always more cost effective to include these as part of the overall network design and infrastructure buildout.