Perimeter security systems: The worlds of network and physical security collide

For the physical security people, perimeter security is as basic as it gets. Fenced walls or razor wire prevent forced entry, along with gates and locks, which may be connected to a more comprehensive security monitoring system.

In the IT universe, perimeter security defines the vulnerable endpoints hackers identify to penetrate an organization’s network. Access control and intrusion detection systems have both hardware and software components. Servers connect and manage all peripheral components from access-control software, merging the physical location and IT environment. This includes every access point in your physical environment that is vulnerable to penetration--doors, locks, turnstiles, motion detectors, sensors and alarms.

Perimeter security: A delicate balancing act between detection and nuisance events

One of the most important performance measures of any perimeter intrusion direction system (PIDS) is its ability to maintain a high probability of detection (POD) to intrusions, while minimizing alarms due to nuisance events, which can be caused by weather, traffic, pets, etc. This can be a delicate balancing act because increasing sensitivity to PODs also increases sensitivity to nuisance events. Intelligence and advanced algorithms help these systems continue to improve. The ability to automatically adapt to changing conditions is a particularly important feature, as it reduces the need for periodic tuning of the system.

Working with Visioneers Security

Many systems are created as cloud-based services accessed from a web browser and a smartphone. The software applications are modular and scalable and can be integrated with third-party software. New technologies in signal processing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics have enhanced the quality and performance of these intrusion sensors.

Every business and homeowner has a unique physical environment, so every project is customized. Visioneers’ high level of customer service begins with a comprehensive review of the physical site to understand vulnerabilities. We help our clients select hardware and software that best fits their budgets and physical needs. The network security system needs to be scalable and integrated into the networking infrastructure. An access control and perimeter intrusion system will let them watch video playbacks, monitor intrusion alarms and record events—all from the same dashboard, from the convenience of their smartphones.